A Bullet by Any Other Name

by Sunshine & Irony

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An American Folk album that was recorded in two basements. After they both flooded we moved to a trailer on a farm to complete it. Thank you for listening! We put our blood, sweat, and tears into it.


released November 3, 2011

Recorded and Mixed by Jonathan Thompson
Mastered by Ben Hargett
Self Released by Sunshine & Irony




Sunshine & Irony Olympia, Washington

Sunshine & Irony is a band in Olympia. We've recently put out our first album & are starting to record our second. Our first album, A Bullet By Any Other Name, is for sale here, at local record stores or at our shows.

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Track Name: Burning My Name
you’ve stolen all my shame
& i see the limp in your walk even calls itself by my name
walking towards the day i’d blame my hands

so i’ve burned up all my names
but it’s just another cover for the fires i’ve made
to burn the day i’d blame my hands

& i gave away all my advice
left none for myself, but i’ve still got a handful of dice
& if they lose i won’ blame my hands

& i’ve roused up every wolf
& these flashing teeth are all dying to be told
i’ve found a way to blame your hands

but a bullet by any other name
is gonna kill me just the same
& when it does, please dont blame my hands
Track Name: Misplaced Innocence and a Bunch of Words
i don't how long i can pretend my eyes are closed
& every place i used to sleep is getting filled with crows
was rolling with the wheel & then i got caught in it's spokes
was stumbling through the night & the moon refused to glow
there were people all around me & their eyes were very cold
i reached for my knife but my and grabbed a rose
& no one wants to hang around, they spend their time like gold
been days since i heard i sound but i don't feel alone
though i think this smiling wolf might be staring at my throat

& everywhere i go people complain about the cold
& take off their clothes & walk into the snow

& everywhere i walk thieves run me off the road
& i try to be polite & do as i've been told
but my smile seems to sharpen every blade they hold
& i can't seem to drop this casket filled with broken oaths
& everybody tells me that they're in the same boat
but i seem to be the only one on this side of the moat
& breathless in the doorway my mind was filled with holes
i was carrying my doubts like they were wishing stones
but subtracted what i didn't need & became zero

& everywhere i go people complain about the cold
& take off their clothes & lay down in the snow

sometimes i'm just as thick & light as smoke
& sometimes i'm spread & heavy on the floor
but i'm not sure i wanna play that role anymore
but i seem to be speaking through a child's megaphone
& there's strangers in the hallway telling me that i owe
i gave them all i could & man, it really shows
but these blankets made of ice don't keep me very warm
& even when i'm in my house i feel like going home
& every time i turn my head my eyes get filled with smoke
& everything i tried to say got turned into a joke
& everyone i ever met missed something that they sold
& everybody's making locks to keep death outside the door

& everywhere i go people complain about the cold
& take off their clothes & lay down in the snow
Track Name: This Isn't
this don’t sound like the wind
just sounds like rustling leaves
& this ain’t us saying goodbye
it’s just a charade to complete the dream

you’re acting tho it’s just you alone
you’re hoping some saint will pity bones
that do parade at being grown
like a child’s sunset shadow

& this life ain’t what you’d make
not quite the role you’d want to play
but it’s ceaseless lights on an endless stage
not quite a cage but you can’t escape from it

& this don’t look like the wind
just looks like dancing, falling trees
& this ain’t us planning the lie
we’re only sculpting truth till it’s something we’d believe

& i’m falling all over myself
just waiting for some sign of your breath
while the wind tempts me with counterfeits
that try to steal away with your portrait

& i pat myself on the back
everytime i find you without a map
but then i find myself cold in a trap
w/ out a breadcrumb trail to find my way back to you

but this don’t look like the light
just looks like what it shines on
& this ain’t us living the lie
we’re just not moving anywhere beyond
Track Name: Closing Palms
our closing palms
won’t embrace the folding sky
& we’ll never see just where we are
if we keep our sights fixed upon each other’s eyes

& you say now i’ve found my place
i should just polish the bars of my cage
& since i serve as my own guard
they’ll be no chance of prison break

well, i lost the word you gave
it escaped my fickle breath
with one fist in the grave
& one in the wordless depth

but we are so slightly here
building walls with broken clay
& i would hurry along
but i know babel was not built in a day

& our closing palms
won’t postpone the folding sky
but our open hands might
shine a light brighter than any eye
Track Name: Broken Signs
you used to watch me in the old road
mending broken signs with haste
preparing for the kings arrival
but still he lost his way
hell, i wish someone would’ve told me
he never planned on passing through
but still i never listen
& those signs were just ghosts of you

but thank you for the silence i’ve wasted
& the rest i never took
& thanks for the chances i lost
when i forgot to look
& thank you for the gifts i never used
though they did look pretty on my shelf
& i’m sorry i forgot you were my friend
when i thought i was someone else

& now i hold your memory
from the rust of fractured time
& now i hold your fragile mirror in the fever,
the dead of the night
& now i see your broken shadow play
all across the lawn
& now i hear your frightened whispers say
i’m already gone
Track Name: Cracking Glass
oh the wick it burned to ash.
& the flame it shown threw cracked glass.
& the shadows cast from its dance still flash.
but will they last?
Pantomime cold light.
oh the wick it burned to ask.
the shadow still flashing their dance.
if the flame was much to vast.
& will it last.
& this sea of old dust.
is this what awaits us.
what awaits us?
Pantomime cold light.
And the shadow ceased their dance.
& lent the wick a downcast glance.
with a stern plea in their left hand.
& the other cracking glass again.
Pantomime cold light.
Track Name: Don't Say Much
well i don't say much
but i say it a lot
and i say it loud
if smoke is all
that really rises
ill burn me down
there are many sides to this story
and none of them ever end
i would study them with my spy glass
but ever lens i have is bent
and if love is the answer
what was the question
if ever journey is a circle
we've got, no place to go
if i were you
I'd fear death too
hell i don't say much
but i say it a lot
and i say it loud
Track Name: Bridge and the Word
i brought you thorns as proof of the rose
i sold my confidence to buy you a throne
i painted eyes on your shadow
but like a windswept mist, no hand could enfold
& in the charred road where we expected snow
we planted nothing we were surprised it didn’t grow
we’ll end up nowhere or don’t you know?
every circle someday gets named home

must be the fear or some other downward hope
that makes your lips dismiss what your eyes already know
so give the word, just let it go
i can’t read the signs, i’ve forgotten all our codes
but hell it is not fate or any scripted show
but if i was the stream you’d be the bridge calm above it’s flow
Track Name: Worn-out Paradise
I find im Crumbling in day dreams of fools i find your portrait looks nothing like you
i find i'm singing along with their tune
marching into the sea like a good boy will do
woke up without reason
slept without knowing why
with nothing left to weaken
with nothing to defy
i see her through the fog, a name without shape
struck down by an unaimed & meaningless blade
you'll wilt at her will & you'll praise her clutch
you'll try for her smile but she gives you her touch
ain't looking for an eden
or any worn-out paradise
got nothing you can cheapen
got nothing to deny
ain't sure what i meant to say but i know it's not this
ain't sure what i meant to be but i know it's not this mess
i find the dust picks up every time you pass through
settles face-downwards on fragments of truth
woke up without reason
slept without knowing why
ain't looking for an eden
or any worn-out paradise
woke up without reason
slept without knowing why
ain't looking for an eden
or any worn-out paradise
Track Name: Asleep in a House of Cards
you were hidden in the scheme
telling me my sprouting dreams
were wearing thin

i was standing on your door
& knocking on your floor
to be let in

& then you got lost
just to be found
& you found yourself
in a lion’s mouth

you say the word is now
but your laughing off your vows
like a child’s bet

& you say it’s time to quit
cause the slipper didn’t fit
like you expected

& you tell me nothing
is what it seems
as though that
means anything

your bending all your bones
to tell me your alone
i don’t buy it

cause i hunted all your smoke
till every mirror broke
but you’re still hiding

& you fell asleep
in your house of cards
while the lions teeth
tore it apart
Track Name: Ink on the Dream
my hands were cold
the sky was undressed
the wind, it was gone
my eyelids were bent
i was counting the sacrifices placed
on the altar of dreams i should've chased

my hands were closed
the sky was a mess
the wind, it picked up
& took the breath right from my chest
i was counting the dreams i'd placed
on the altar of sacrifices i should've made

put new ink on the dream